Cinematographer, Photographer, Producer & Web Designer.

I have been in the film & television industry for over 35 years, starting out at GTV-9 television station working in the news department as a camera assistant. That was way back in 1975. After only a couple of years as an assistant I was promoted to News Cameraman, one of the youngest cameraman around at that time.

Working in news was a great experience learning by the seat of my pants. In addition to the standard news stuff such as interviews, stand-ups and press conferences I got to do feature stories like 'Sunday Magazine', country races and one particular highlight, the Australian leg of the London to Sydney car rally.

Yearning for a career in the film industry, in 1980 I made the bold decision to go freelance. 

Freelancing means that you have to find work and that can be tough some times. I was fortunate to be in an era where the Australian film industry was booming. There was work enough for everyone.

I worked as a loader, camera assistant and cameraman (and occasional sound recordist) on a variety of projects including corporates, commercials and drama. I got to work with some great people, learned lots and had a great experience.

As a cameraman I have gained extensive experience both shooting and lighting film and video on all formats. The main focus of my work has been in commercials and corporates, although I also have some credits in drama, documentary and music videos as well.

Although my primary focus is as a cinematographer, I have been involved in all aspects of the production process from creative development, production planning, scheduling, crew booking, casting and shoot days production management.

I am a member of the Australian Cinematographers Society.

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