I am Murray j. Ware

Cinematography, Photography & Web Design

With over 35 years in the film & television industry and media production in general, Reel Media provides services for video production, still photography and multimedia design.

Please refer to the Call Sheet page and Portfolio page to find out more about my career and work.


After over 35 years I have a broad experience as a cinematographer shooting both film and video on a range of formats including 35mm, 16mm film and all video formats.

My main focus has been in commercials, promotional and corporate programs and some drama production.

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Stills Photography was an early passion and is to this day.

I studied photography at RMIT for several years back in the 80's. Today I have kept my skills embracing digital photography using the a Nikon D700 with a kit of pro lenses.

I am available for photography work.

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Web Design

An interest in both creative arts and technology has lead me to a second career in application and web development.

I have a loyal group of customers including not-for-profits that I have developed applications for and continue to support.

Whip over to the Object Media web site for more information.